Real perspective of Islam
From all these centuries we have been fighting for that Muslims are backwards and they want to implement that conservativeness in all around the world. Few of the groups who claim to be Muslims are destroying the world by providing all wrong perspective of Islam. While we Muslims are busy in our so called fight of casts, there are some Non-Muslims defining the real perspective of Islam to the whole world.  We claim to be the true followers of Prophet (PBUH), we have the guardianship of our holy Islamic sites. Declaring ourselves a true follower of Islam doesn’t make us the true Muslim but good deeds will. Now serving the humanity, praying praising all is there to look for a better Muslim. But let me remind you one thing more, you are a born Muslim and it is not enough. Even Quran says to discover the world and its wonders. There are many things to research about, before getting deep into any decision one should have a vast knowledge about it. Avail the convenient way of Hotels Booking in Madinanow with Haramayn Hotels. 
05/15/2017 07:36:05
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