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Rejection of truth just because it mismatches with the traditions and customs
We have be observing nature of people around the world, excluded conclusion was that everything that is introduces in the society is rejected on first place. Umrah Deals 2017 are available on most reasonable prices, don’t give them a second though just select it and enjoy a sacred journey. By the passage of time people regard the truth. Basically truth never changes its path; it keeps coming in front of you until you realize it. Initially Prophet (PBUH) was also rejected, Arabs refuse to accept the message of truth he was conveying but later same people were included in his most dear companions. Every system of truth has to face the rejection in the beginning.

When Prophet (PBUH) was told about the responsibility of Prophet Hood, and he was commanded to pass the message of truth to his dear ones, he tried convincing his best friend Abu Bakar Siddique (RA). Initially he was hesitant and was confused that a friend who never lies is conveying the message totally opposite from the traditions and customs. But later when he realized the truth, he not only embraced it but helped Prophet (PBUH) in spreading the righteous message among the entire human kind. Even nowadays we are so blind in our so called traditions and customs that we have lost the real essence of our religion. Islam has its own beautiful traditions and customs, which brings the sense of celebration in the society. We, Muslims don’t need to follow any one else’s traditions when we have our own. In the era of Prophet (PBUH), people were not aware of the truth but now we know the truth, we have more resources to approach the truth but instead of finding it, we are stick to the self created illusions.
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